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Connecticut Technology Student Association

October 2021

Dear TSA Chapters and Advisors,

We hope the school year is off to a great start, and your TSA Chapters are growing and thriving! The State Officer team would like to alert you that we are postponing our Virtual Fall Leadership Conference from November 3rd, 2021 to a later date. Unfortunately, this is due to the current lack of officers on the State TSA Officer team. As we always strive to offer TSA members a meaningful and comprehensive leadership conference, currently we need additional support on our team to do so. The state officer positions that we have open are a secretary, treasurer, reporter, and sergeant-at-arms. It is highly recommended that those students who become CT TSA state officers have at least one year of experience within TSA, yet one of the most important attributes of a state officer is dedication and willingness to be a team member and to promote TSA. We greatly encourage every CT TSA chapter to encourage and nominate their students to become involved with TSA at the state level.

The State Officer team is integral to the success of CT TSA, and each member serves a significant role in carrying out the responsibilities of the organization. From planning the leadership and competitive conferences, to helping the community and supporting STEM education, the officer team takes pride in their work and they are extremely important for CT TSA. It is an honor to be a state TSA officer, and we encourage everyone to get involved. Please reach out to the current state officers, President Mehr Chhatre and Vice President Megan Richards to learn more about being a CT TSA State officer and how you can get involved with the team. Especially after last year’s challenges, we need your cooperation to have a strong and dedicated state officer team to make this year one of the best for CT TSA. 

To make this year great for CT TSA, we also need the input from each chapter about what they would like to see from the year. Whether this be participating in mainly virtual activities, or in person activities please let the state officer team know. This also includes what types of events your chapter would like to take part in during this school year, such as community service based events. We really appreciate all your support and encouragement for CT TSA, and we look forward to further developing our state officer team and events for the year, to have a very successful 2021-2022 CT TSA year! 


Mehr Chhatre - CT TSA State President ; 

Megan Richards - CT TSA Vice President ;

Jim Hutson – CT-TSA State Advisor;

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