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Children's Stories (HS)

"Participants create an illustrated children's story of high artistic, instructional, and social value. The narrative may be written in prose or poetry and take the form of a fable, adventure story, or other structure. The physical story book should be of high quality and designed to reflect the theme for the year. The story must have a science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) focus."

For the Connecticut State Conference, this competition entails creating a children's story according to regulation and about the year's theme, and having it judged on the day of the conference. There will be no semifinalist round. Either individuals or teams of up to five

(1-5) can participate.

Items required for submission:

USB with portfolio

Physical copy of LEAP Report

Completed book

2019-2020 Theme: Design a “choose your own adventure” book for children ages 5-8

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