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Upate 2-5-2019

Hello everyone, if you have not done so already please make sure you submit your conference registration as soon as possible. 


The On Demand Video HS quote for this year is : "I am going to make him an offer he can't refuse"  and the props are a funnel and a baseball cap. 


The Prepared Presentation HS: "What are your recommendations for Border Security for the United States of America?"


We have still not had any success with getting a law enforcement agency to assist us with the crime scene portion of Forensics which is very disappointing so if anyone out there has a contact with someone that would be willing to help please let me know. Otherwise we will need to just administer the written test and not have the mock crime scene portion. 


So once again please get your registration in as soon as possible. 


Thank you, Alicia Lynn

UPDATE 2-22-2019

Hello everyone, the deadline for the registrations for the CT State TSA Conference is fast approaching, The forms went out in a previous email from Mr. Hutson but in case you did not receive it there is another one attached. 


Please make sure you are reviewing your event rules and scoring rubrics by logging in to Total TSA and retrieving them. As much as possible we follow the rules and regulations stipulated there. Keep in mind that with a one day conference we do not do Semi Finalist rounds for most events. For instance, the photography events will be judged on their submitted portfolio alone, there is no on-site semi finalist task. 


Some other event modifications:

On Demand Video and Prepared Presentation topics/prompts will be released next Friday, March 1. 

Tech Bowl Oral will be limited to 1 team per chapter. There will be no written.

Forensics, we are still trying to have that as both a written exam and an onsite crime scene analysis but the original party to host that has backed out and we are trying to find another group to help us with the crime scene. 


Please make sure you have checked both the Themes and Problems section as well as the Updates and Clarifications section  for important event info such as themes and problems, design briefs for things like Website Design and the Structural Engineering events. There are too many to list here. We will be using the same themes.


Coding - there is a list of acceptable languages listed in updates and clarification section for the high school event. The Middle School Event will use scratch. 


For High School Dragster  - each car must contain 1 of the following: fin, wing, splitter or spoiler that must be part of the 1 piece body design and not an add on. This was listed in the themes and problems section of the National TSA Website and we will also be using those standards. Middle school dragster has no such requirement this year. 


Please contact me if you have any other questions or event specific questions. 


Thank you, Alicia Lynn

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