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Engineering Design

"Participants develop a solution to a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge that is posted on the national TSA website. The solution offered will be informed and designed by precise problem definition—thorough research, creativity, experimentation (when possible)—and the development of documents and appropriate models (mathematical, graphical, and/or physical prototype/model). Semifinalist teams present and defend their proposed solution to a panel of judges."

For the Connecticut State Conference, this competition entails creating a design portfolio, poster, and model according to regulation and about the year's theme, and having it judged on the day of the conference. There will be no semifinalist interview. Individuals or teams of up to six (1-6) may participate.

Items required for submission:

2 USB Drives with portfolio and all required documentation

Free-standing poster

Physical model

2019-2020 Theme: Identify a need in a developing country and design a project that will empower that community to meet basic human needs

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