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Inventions and Innovations

"Participants investigate and determine the need for an invention or innovation of a device, system, or process, and brainstorm ideas for a possible solution. Teams prepare an interactive display and model/prototype. Semifinalists make an oral presentation to a panel of judges (who act as venture capitalist investors) to persuade the panel to invest in their invention/innovation."

For the Connecticut State Conference, this competition entails creating an interactive display and physical model to solve a problem each team identifies, with entries being judged on-site. There will be no semifinalist presentation. Individuals or teams of up to five (1-5) can participate.

Items required for submission:

Interactive display


Hard copy of LEAP Report

2019-2020 Theme: Today society moves at a faster pace than ever before.  We are always on the move.  This year’s theme is for a mobile device to make everyday life on the go easier to handle. 

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