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Terrell Scholarship

Upon his retirement from the position of Chief, Bureau of Vocational Services, Errol J. Terrell established a scholarship fund to be administered by the CTEA and designed to help needy Technology Education students participate in activities sponsored by the Connecticut Technology Student Association, CT-TSA. 


In accordance with the guidelines established by Mr. Terrell, the scholarship will provide financial assistance to TSA members who would be excluded from CT-TSA activities without this financial aide. 


The scholarship fund could help pay the cost of travel to a TSA activity such as the state conference, membership dues, or aid the student in purchasing proper clothing to be worn at a leadership training activity. The Terrell scholarship fund could also help pay a students conference registration fee or even purchase materials to prepare for competition. Any use deemed appropriate by the chapter advisor will be considered. 


Any advisor wishing to request funds on behalf of a student, should fill out the attached request form at least two weeks prior to the date the funds are needed, and return the form to: 


Gregory C. Kane CT-TSA Fiscal Agent 

Email: Phone: 860 989-1426

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