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"Participants design, build, and launch a website that features the school’s career and technology/engineering program, TSA chapter, and the chapter’s ability to research and present a given topic pertaining to technology. Semifinalists participate in an onsite interview to demonstrate the knowledge and expertise gained during the development of the website—with an emphasis on web design methods and practices, as well as their research for the annual design topic."

For the Connecticut State Conference, this competition entails creating a website according to the given theme. There will be no semifinalist interview. Individuals or teams of up to five (1-5) may participate.

Items required for submission:

USB with Student Copyright Checklist (if needed), LEAP Report, and link to website

2019-2020 Theme: Embracing Electric Vehicles

Context: Consumers are researching electric vehicles more than ever with their frequent appearances on roadways. It is estimated that by 2030, nearly one-third of all vehicles in America will be electric – potentially opening the vehicle market to 320 million people worldwide. With peak fossil fuel consumption on the horizon, and electric vehicles becoming more affordable, the automotive industry is preparing to see a consumer shift in the near future.

Challenge: Create a fictional electric vehicle manufacturing company and design a website. The website should serve as a guide for information about the company and their electric vehicles offered. Present an overview of vehicles as if you were a consumer. Provide the type of vehicles your company creates, sells, and serves. Sections of the site may include photos, vehicle descriptions, specs, company history, contact, and news updates.

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